Shar Wils


Shar Wils has performed her celebrated singing and dancing shows around the globe, including Great Britian, China, Norway and Japan. She was even chosen for a royal command performance for the King of Norway. 

She has been featured on "Entertainment Tonight" and "Peoples Choice Awards."

Shar has worked extensively in top Las Vegas production revues and has performed at The Hippodrome in London, Madison Square Garden as well as numerous hotels, casinos and resorts.

Russ Olsen


Russ has been slinging guitars on stage with bands ever since grade school. He sites the Rolling Stones as an early influence. He has played all over the world in various bands . He loves the passion and drive that "Tina" brings to her performances. He is commiteed to re-creating that same passion on stage each and every night.

Marvin Sperling


One half of the hardest working rhythm sections in rock. He has laid the foundation for many top notch rock bands. Listening to Marvin lock in with Sam is a thing of beauty. When asked why he plays bass, "Bass makes you want to get up and BOOGIE!!" 

Sam Cunningham


Sam Cunningham is a Los Angeles based drummer originally from Tulsa, a city with a rich musical heritage known for producing great drummers. Sam’s steady pocket is a mix of Soul, Gospel, Country and Rock. Sam brings decades of performing experience to Always Tina. He is highly regarded by his musical peers and examples of his playing can be heard on all major platforms. "Playing in Always Tina is a dream come true!"